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Everybody Remembers a Mike

Today is the anniversary of my first publishing this. It also would have been Mike’s birthday. I forgot that I had written this one night over a glass of wine or two and a few tears. I know it’s long but I’d love for you to read it to the end. It’s one of my very favorite writings.


I think Dewey and Vaudean Gimlin used to see me for what I was back then – Eddie Haskell, Wally Cleaver’s best friend on Leave it to Beaver.  And although this was pretty correct, their son Mike and I used to feed off of each other.  This is why we were best friends for about a fourth of my life.

eddiehaskell beaverandeddiebeaver

Every time Mike got into trouble, Dewey pretty much blamed me.  My long hair was probably why Dewey saw to it that Mike’s was never more than about a half inch – he was too curly to allow a military “flat top,” but this was the general idea.

Although I went to St Francis Xavier and he went to public elementary school, weekends and all summer long found us together.  He was classmates with Paul Ensor and the three of us would always be together in some combination…

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One thought on “Everybody Remembers a Mike

  1. This reminds me when growing up around Kenny Morris and Derek Lefler, everything Kenny did something wrong, I still think his parents rest their soul saw bad in me and Derek, which for most part was true we were all equally true but a good story if I may relay…
    Kenny and I were 19 home from college the 1st summer out and his parents were out of town so we decided to go to East Cape and buy beer about midnight one night. We picked up an African American gent n took him home to East St. Louis, I told my father what I did because we didn’t make it home till the next day. We never thought Ken’s parents never knew till the hitchhiker got a biz card and called to thank us and when mr. Morris passed away, Mrs. Morris brought it up to my father and said she knew what we did but never told his father n when my dad passed away she said same to me saying ken should never know she knows..so playing dumb I said oh no we didn’t do that but of course great mom Mrs. Morris is she could read me like a book…I always love his mom .

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