Although today was supposed to be “Taco Tuesday” at Tijuana Flats with brother in law Donnie Frison, it looks like I gotta cancel!

Today’s the big meeting, where Dr. L is expected to “come clean” and tell me what he really intends to do in regards to selling his practice to me.  We’ve had that talk, each time with a “stop misleading me/yourself ultimatum.”  However this time really is profoundly different.  Two weeks ago I made it clear that we were going ahead with Sharon’s plan to pursue her dream of a teacher’s support/educational resourse supply store.  If the banks approved her endeavor, and tings fell into place, I would really not be interested in buying the practice.

It simply would not be fair to Shar, our marriage, our family or my ever increasing bloodpressure to even consider two entreprenurial endeavors at the same time.  I’ve unfairly stopped Shar from her dream for three years while he kept telling me that he really wanted to sell to me.  And now.  But we’re just waiting for this, or that, etc, etc.  I had come to the conclusion that he has no intention to do so, regardless of what he says or what he thinks he feels.

Anyway, so this time it just feels different.  I told him that after this educational store ball gets rolling, I will not/can not be interested until it becomes a profitable endeavor, likely 3-5 years.  By then I’ll be 58 and frankly will have no desire to expand my stress level in owning a new business.  I told him, I am a good employee, I will be one, and will continue to be.  But I will NOT ever again be interested in purchasing this hospital if we do not come to at least a handshake agreement prior to my leaving in April.  Period.

He just sat and looked at me like a deer in the headlights and said, “Wow.”  This was not even vaguely similar to past responses.  He said he needed a few days to consider, and consult with his accountant & attorney.  Well it’s now been two weeks, and today’s the day he’s chosen to “discuss” things with me.  I have no expectations.  Been there, Done that.  More to come.