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001  006 Us#2-07 IMG_0148Marriage is a sacramental covenant that two people make with God to commit to spending the rest of our lives loving each other.  Marriage is not simply some a piece of paper proving our love for each other.  Nor is love an emotion; Love is a decision to commit – through good times and bad, victories and tragedies, hugs and kisses, bumps and bruises.  Love makes life worthwhile.  I met Sharon Tidd Stevens in 2005, and have been so very blessed with this covenant.

One thought on “Marriage

  1. I am one of your clients from the vets. You have helped me with Mokah and his Lymphoma until I let him go on April the 19th.

    In your search for faith I have found you do not have to search for it-faith will find you if you let yourself be open to it and the Lord. We may not recognize him or “his ways” but he is there and will be for all time if we let him.

    Remember God gives us what we need not what we want. I certainly have not gotten much “of what I wanted out of life” but I have gotten so much more of what I needed.

    You will not find God in a book or other people’s ideals or sermons or their thoughts on this book or on how they tell you to live your life. There is not one religion that can encompass or truly understand our Lord. (His magnitude, compassion and love are too much for people to truly understand.) They can help us but in the end we must find him by ourselves.
    You must have faith in yourself first.

    Our Lord is individual and specific to each of us. My Lord is not the same as your Lord. I had an ephiney when I was a child of about 12 and felt God touch my soul-right then I wanted to leave this earth and join him or become a Nun. It was a wonder and completion beyond description this feeling of love and calmness and safety. I was “told” that my time was not yet-that I had many lives to affect yet. How I affected them was my choice; be it either good or bad.

    I have found that in giving I get more in return and am wealthier be it material, emotional or part of myself that are gifts I give to people.

    I am having this put on my head stone “She lived through what she loved and she lived well.” You being the person that you are and as passionate as you are you too will have lived well through your loves. This is faith.

    I believe that your passion for life is showing you your faith but you are too busy to see it.
    How many people have you reached out to expecting nothing in reture? This is faith be it people (who are a creation of God) or the animals (God’s creation too) you have helped.
    You have your faith and it is very strong. I can see it in you as you are a Godly Man.

    I have babbled too much and usually do not discuss Religion, money or politics but I believe you already have what yor are searching for; remember the loves in our life-parents, children, friends and pets are merely on loan to us from God. My Mother always said “children are a gift from God and there will come a time when He wishs for us to let them go (be it on to their own lives they chose or back to him because he needs them back)We are very lucky to have been deamed worthy of having their love, having them in our lives at all and being able to love them as decided by our Lord.

    No one ever worries about God and his problems-most caused by His beloved humans.
    No one helps Him or prays for his welfare-people just keep asking for things from him.
    Perhaps we can all decide how to help him in our own way. Let’s start giving back to Him.

    I am through blabbering although I have alot more to say.

    Love you.

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