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I met Sharon Tidd Klein on Match.com, but that’s only a fact.  What is more true is that God put Sharon in my life.  An evangelical truly in love with our Lord, she was just what I needed to reignite and challenge my faith.  It would be unfair to say that I won out when she entered RCIA and converted to Catholicism, because certainly we both won.  What a pity is a mixed marriage when we don’t worship together.

Sha has been in education for two decades – teaching, leading, administrating, and for the last five years, working with impoverished children with special needs and exceptionalities.

Sharon lost her first husband Ricky to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma a few years before her sister signed her up with a match account.  I was smitten on our first date.  We married on July 27, 2007.  Her understanding, empathy, and compassion from that loss make God’s placing her into my life no co-incidence.  I am so very blessed.

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